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COMING SOON: Agency Talk Season 2!

Agency Thought Leaders Join Marcus and Tim for Deeper Discussion, Bigger Topics, and More Insights to Help You Scale

Agency Talk Season 2 is on the horizon! Conduit Digital CEO Tim Burke and our good friend Marcus Murphy of the Five Percent are going to sit down with a variety of thought leaders from the agency world to share more actionable insights to help you scale higher.

.Can’t Wait? Us Either! Check Out a Preview Here:

What Can You Expect in Season 2?

➔ Talks with True Agency Titans

Tune in to hear from other agency leaders that have built successful and scalable businesses. Because we believe community triumphs over competition, you will hear each guest’s filter-free take on how they have solved some of the most pressing challenges that digital agencies experience.

➔ More Actionable Insights

Before Marcus and Tim recorded the first episode of Season 1, they decided that Agency Talk would be a podcast focused on action. That’s why each episode ends with the “One Big Thing” - a tangible insight that you can put into practice at your own agency as soon as you’re finished listening. This same spirit will continue well into Season 2 and beyond!

➔ Multiple Ways to Consume Agency Talk Content

From podcasts to blogs, videos, and social, you can consume Agency Talk content in whatever medium you prefer. Leading a digital marketing agency involves many moving parts, to say the least, so you can engage with the show in whatever format suits your lifestyle.

➔ Hear From the Conduit Team!

During Season 2, some of our expert analysts will be joining Marcus and Tim to discuss major topics pertaining to specific platforms, marketing channels, and evolving best practices. These episodes are designed to equip you and your team with important real-time knowledge to deliver elite performance for your client’s campaigns.

➔ More Ways to Engage

Building on the quality content library from Season 1, Agency Talk will be introducing new ways to engage with Marcus, Tim, and the greater community of fellow listeners.

Stay Connected for Season 2!

Agency Talk Season 2 will be available on all major audio streaming platforms, YouTube, social, and right here on the Conduit website!

To learn more about when new episodes will be hitting your feeds, follow us on social, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and search “Agency Talk” on your favorite podcast platform.


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