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Tommie Powers


Meet Tommie Powers

Tommie Powers (aka “Tommie Traffic”) is a Tech Entrepreneur, Investor, & Speaker specializing in Paid Acquisition using paid media channels such as Google Adwords Search & Display, YouTube Advertising, Facebook Advertising, & many other forms of Online Media Buying.


A husband and proud father of 3, Tommie is also a highly sought-after trainer, speaker, and mentor in the area of Online Video Advertising. This is an area where he’s spent multiple 7 figures in just the last 3 years, which puts him in an elite class of marketers running video ads on places like YouTube and Facebook.

Check out his guest appearance on Agency Talk here.

The One Big Thing

A big transition for me in the agency game in the last few years was really looking at our clients retention and really understanding that if we did everything in our power to retain clients, how long will we keep them how much would they really be worth.

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