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EPISODE 4 | Trusting the Change Management Process with Jackie Hermes

Learn How Jackie Grew Her Agency from $0 to 7-Figures (And Keeps It Growing!)

Jackie Hermes first ventured into entrepreneurship when she launched the vegan cookie brand Sweet Monkees in 2011. After a successful run producing and selling delicious dairy-free sweets, she decided to return to the marketing field in 2013 by launching her own agency, Accelity.

Growing an agency from zero dollars to a seven-figure business doesn’t occur overnight. To bring Accelity to its current level of success, Jackie built an authentic brand for herself and her agency by committing to regularly producing insightful content that her audience could legitimately benefit from.

Beyond Accelity and her fantastic content, Jackie is also a speaker, the host of The Art of Entrepreneurship podcast, and the co-founder of Women’s Entrepreneurship Week. This event promotes, connects, and educates local business leaders in the Greater Milwaukee Area.

It’s clear Jackie knows how to build, launch, and grow successful brands. Moreso, she also knows how to manage the changes that come with maintaining that success. In her talk with Tim and Marcus, they discuss everything from leveraging content to hiring the right people, and navigating a pivot season at your agency.

Check Out Marcus and Tim’s Talk with Jackie Hermes Here:

Managing Change at Your Agency

Agencies that remain in place risk stagnation. Growth opportunities require business leaders to embrace the necessary changes that come with them. However, this is often easier said than done.

Humans operate on habit by default. We settle into routines and over time, they become our niches. When the need for change presents itself, it can feel like our cozy little dens just went up in flames.

When the inevitable need for change arises at your agency, Jackie has the following tips for driving a fruitful transition:

Inspire Confidence in Your Team through Transparency

As your agency generates opportunities for growth through change, committing to transparent communication can help increase your team’s level of buy-in. Here are some ways to help inspire confidence:

  • Don’t surprise your team with sudden announcements or process changes

  • Keep the lines of communication open for them to ask questions, express concerns, or share their own ideas

  • Listen to your team’s feedback and take it into consideration

  • Make changes that will improve both your agency and its processes

  • Tell your team why these changes are necessary to take your agency to the next level

  • Let your team know what roles they need to play in facilitating the desired change

Optimize Your Processes for Change

Building and implementing processes does not gel with a “set-it-and-forget-it” mindset. Instead, treat your processes as a living part of your business fabric. They will require optimization when they translate from theory to practice.

Review the Changes You Make

After you’ve implemented a change to your agency’s processes, plant to review its success for shortcomings after a period of time. Regardless of the outcome, ask your team for feedback and take note of what they say. This can help guide your future decisions when the time comes to pivot your operations once again.

Hire True Agency Drivers

Not all marketing professionals possess the DNA to handle the fast movement and immense scope that come with working for successful agencies. Finding the right people for the job and positioning them to succeed

Don’t Micro-Manage

If you hire the right people to fill specific roles at your agency, they will not benefit from micro-managing. Instead, provide them with the resources and trust that they need to do their jobs. As Tim often says, lead people and manage processes. When the process infrastructure supports the people, positive change can bear its greatest fruits.

The One Big Thing: Picture the Forest, but Don’t Overlook the Trees

The process toward building a successful brand takes longer than you might think. Posting one excellent video to LinkedIn might make a momentary splash, but it will not create long-term waves.

Branding success comes from thoughtful, transparent, and user-focused content and a commitment to a consistent process. Small actions are what build to greater achievements.

Today, take a moment to consider the big-picture goals you have for your agency and then look at your calendar. Are the action items on your calendar really transporting you closer to what you want to accomplish? If not, think about ways that you can change your processes to recalibrate your entrepreneurial compass and put them into practice.

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